10 reasons why there is No one like Mom (And never will be)

May 10, 2015
10 reasons why there is No one like Mom (And never will be)

She was a young woman hoping to spread her wings and fly when one day there grows a little one just starting his journey into an uncertain world. She spreads her wings to shield her child, she spreads her wings to keep him warm, she reaches towards the sky and flies to keep him from stumbling. And thus a woman becomes a mother and her life is not the same anymore.

We will forever be thankful and ever grateful for the endless love and the spoken and unspoken sacrifices and hits she has taken for us. One day is just not enough to celebrate mothers, but it gives us a chance to reflect on all the wonderful memories that make us smile and tear up of the wonderful woman who made us who we are today.

10 reasons why there is No one like Mom (And never will be)

1. You can keep secrets from anyone, but not from Mom.

A change in your tone, the brightness of your eyes, the frown on your face, she can read you like no one else.

2. For being the most honest critic.

Yes, she is blunt. Yes, she is honest. Just because she knows how tough the world is and wants you to be prepared for the worst.

3. For cooking the world’s best food.

No restaurant would compare to mom’s kitchen and the smell of her food.

4. For all the late night exam nights.

Masala chai, cut fruits, coffee and frequent visits to the room checking on how we are and insisting we rest our tired little eyes. She stays up till we’re tucked in.

5. For having the magic problem-solving lap.

Be it the worst day in the world, come home and lie down on Mom’s lap and we know everything will be alright.

6. For always having our back.

No one mess with me when Mom is around.

7. For the seemingly unending advice.

-all of which turned out to be exactly as she said it would be (Mom’s always right)

8. For embedding into us traditions, faith, culture and good morals.

All those small things that we used to look up to the sky and wonder why, but all of which eventually pieced us together.

9. For being so particular about internet and TV time.

O so annoying when growing up but looking back we treasure the imaginative games and hours in the sun. How we wish we could have that back.

10. And, for always being the biggest source of strength and support.

Thank you, Mom, for everything.

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