Hi! I am Sherin and welcome to Pardesi Trotter. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession living in the United Arab Emirates with my husband N and two children. I have an immense love for traveling, writing, Indian home decor, trinket hunting, reading and a passion for all things tea.

My grandfather worked in 3 tea estates, (Bonamy, Pashumalai & Manjumalai) for over 2 decades spanning from early 1940’s to the late 60’s. My dad and his siblings would stay at the estates during their school vacations. It was then that my dad formed a connection and love for tea plantations, tea factories and old English bungalows that decorated the estates.

I have vivid memories of our family piled into our Tata Safari driving to distant tea estates in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The smell of the tea leaves as we climbed higher up the tea hills. Years of seeing the world of tea through my Dad’s eyes. Each estate brought back a different memory and story which he shared with us.  And so over the years his love for tea rubbed off onto me as well.

Of course when we are little, seldom do we understand the value of such travels. But as I grew up the wanderer in me took over and I yearned to go on many such trips. Now as I look back I wish I had been equipped with a camera and journal to write elaborately on the hidden treasures and stories of those misty tea hills.

The Pardesi Trotter is my attempt to ink down tales of the beauty, complexity, and mystery that encompass tea and in the process meet the people behind a steaming hot cup.

Thank you for stopping by. Irrespective of whether you are a tea lover or not I hope you will join me on my affair with tea and other random stories and sights from this wanderer.






















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