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First Food Review : Village Restaurant

September 3, 2016
first food review : village restaurant

“I have found the best Pakistani restaurant in Ajman!”. That is what my husband said to me a couple of weeks back. He loves Pakistani food and frequents Pakistani restaurants quite often. I found his air of exaggeration quite funny at first. But this man has a history of taking me to some really good restaurants that seem low key and under-rated but end up surprising my foodie socks off. He kept telling me that he would take me there and finally that did happen. And well here I am penning down my first food review : Village Restaurant.

Saturday was a busy day and I ended up tagging along with him on his work. It was past lunchtime and I was REALLY hungry. Being pregnant I have to have my food when I want it. We were in Ajman and the obvious choice was Village Restaurant.

Village Restaurant

Let’s just say my expectations were sky high after my husband’s constant comments. I walked into a simple restaurant with the prominent colors of green and white of the Pakistani flag on their walls and their logo. It was late lunch for us and we had the pleasure of having the restaurant all to ourselves.

The tasting

Our picks for lunch were butter chicken and chicken kadai accompanied with Paratha’s. In a couple of minutes, we were served bowls of spiced lassi. A pleasant surprise and a great add on. It was a very cooling drink with the key flavor of jeera in it.

The service was timely and after not much of a wait, we were served our parathas and chicken kadai first. The parathas were huge! They were soft and buttery. The chicken kadai had great flavor and rich color.

First food review : village restaurant

Almost like with a drumroll arrived our butter chicken. I say this because of my husband who kept telling me that the best is yet to come.

The butter chicken was nothing like what I had seen before. The gravy was a white color (not the red that I am so used to seeing) and there were huge chunks of butter melting atop the gravy. All I will say is, YOU HAVE TO try this for yourself. The richness and intensity of flavors and texture of the gravy were exceptional. This dish was my definite favorite.

first food review : village restaurant

Since I am currently eating for two I could take a drink after my food. Namkeen Lassi! It was served in a cute mason jar with a straw. The lassi was the perfect finishing note to an amazingly delicious lunch.

first food review : village restaurant

The verdict

For AED 50 me, my husband and our friend Santhosh had a truly satisfying lunch experience.

Being a tea lover the only disappointment was that there was no tea on the menu. 🙁

Village restaurant, with your great service and delicious, flavorful authentic food you are going places.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner. He was a young man who was dressed in the same uniform as the staff at his restaurant. He workes with them and even does deliveries for takeout orders. His humility and the confidence with which he spoke of his newly launched venture were admirable.

I felt like I was being served lunch at someone’s home rather than at a restaurant. Happy me.

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  • Reply Aftab September 20, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    We are thankful to Sherin for writing a first ever food review about Village restaurant the review is described so beautifully that that it has an interesting story behind it as well 🙂
    Sherin is a well known tea blogger and in her blogs the reviews are not ordinary it has a story, a strong human connection, a history which makes her review so special and this is what made us her fan too

    Thanks Pardesi Trotter 🙂

    Village Restaurant

    • Reply PARDESI TROTTER September 20, 2016 at 4:27 pm

      Thank you so much Aftab for your kind words. This means a lot to me! It was a pleasure to have been to the Village Restaurant and to have covered the delishious food and impeccable service. Until next time then 🙂

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