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Recipes with tea

satomis medicinal tea
Recipes with tea

Satomi’s Medicinal Tea

Here is presenting the first of a #healthyliving video series which I like to call Satomi’s ‪‎Medicinal‬ Tea featuring a special ‪Ayurvedic‬ Tea Lady who imparted some of her Tea wisdom to me. This was filmed in the state of Kerala, India – the…

March 14, 2016
refreshing pomegranate tea
Recipes with tea

Refreshing Pomegranate Tea

Back in college thanks to a couple of my friends, Korean movies, and Korean people and all things Korean became all too dear to me. Fast-forwarding from then to now in the world of tea, the Koreans have quite an array of refreshing teas. I…

January 12, 2016
two delightful date teas
Recipes with tea

Two delightful date teas

January 2016, hot tea month. A brand new year. There happened to be a lot of dates lying around in my fridge and I thought it would be interesting to tea them. Two delightful date teas are what we have today. “January’s National Hot Tea Month…

January 8, 2016
mulled cranberry tea
Recipes with tea

Mulled Cranberry Tea

Winter reminds me of colorful berries, fruits, and warm spices. December also predominantly features bright shades of red. Mulled Cranberry Tea, is the last blend of tea that I’ve picked for this year and my definite favorite this month. A fragrant, rich, flavorful tea…

December 31, 2015
sage tea
Recipes with tea

Sage Tea

In the U.A.E. summers are relentless and long while the winters are beautiful but go away like the wind. Winter is the best time of the year for me. Today’s pick is a simple Sage Tea. It goes perfectly with the weather and the holiday…

December 27, 2015
two hot winter drinks
Recipes with tea

Two Hot Winter Drinks

It is Christmas finally after all that waiting. At the Tea trotter’s home old Christmas classics play. The lovely aroma of roasted chicken envelope the house. Winter is also the season for some warm and indulgent tea. Here are two hot winter drinks using one…

December 25, 2015
sleepy tea
Recipes with tea

Sleepy Tea

A sense of peace and calm is what a lot of us yearn for. Most of our days start with the rude awakening of traffic, sitting for hours on at a desk doing routine work, making phone calls, attending meetings, and so on. Once…

November 18, 2015
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