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More Iced Tea this Summer : Tea Jay & Avantcha tea

July 23, 2017
More Iced Tea this Summer : Tea Jay by Blomus

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to try my luck at a giveaway organized by Avantcha Tea. And thanks to my lucky stars I won their gift hamper which included:

  • Iced Tea Maker – Tea Jay by Blomus
  • Double wall glass
  • Rooibos Vanilla Earl Grey

I loved the mix of items that I received and it is such a perfect accessory for this hot summer.

More Iced Tea this Summer : Tea Jay by Blomus

This post is going to focus on the Tea Jay iced tea maker. I will be doing a separate post on the Rooibos tea blend.

Tea Jay

First off, I loved the design of the Tea Jay. Ease of use, non messy (since loose leaf tea is involved), and a glass body which is ideal to appreciate the beauty of the tea as it infuses were some of the highlights for me.

I simply followed the instruction manual which also came with a number of iced tea recipes to go with different tea blends from Avantcha Tea. I used a combination of lemon and orange slices that I had on hand going roughly in line with a recipe in the manual.

More Iced Tea this Summer : Tea Jay by Blomus


The one thing I would try to get right the next time is the ratio of ice and water to the tea. You want to enjoy that tea flavor without having it get watered down by too much ice.

More Iced Tea this Summer : Tea Jay by Blomus

I let my tea steep for an extra couple of minutes past the recommended steep time of 4 minutes. Once the tea is done steeping all that is to be done is to twist the upper lid and the tea is dispensed. The tea leaves are nicely contained within the infuser with no loose tea leaves straying into the tumbler.

The best part of this experience was watching as the color of the tea infused with the ice and fruits.

More Iced Tea this Summer : Tea Jay by BlomusI loved the flavor of the tea which had an added freshness and sweetness from the citrus fruits. My niece thoroughly enjoyed her glass of tea with a squeeze of honey.

Honey or not, this was such a great tasting. What a wonderful addition to the tea making table from Avantcha Tea.

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