Trotter tea notes

Trotter tea notes: Sakura Allure

May 6, 2017
Sakura Allure - Teavana

Teavana – Sakura Allure

Tea Description

Bright and lively cherries and hibiscus blend with soft rose and mango.

An enchanting green tea blend, this spiritual coupling of floral and fruit come alive as rose and hibiscus intertwine with lively cherry, mango, and candied pineapple.

Ingredients: Green tea, hibiscus blossoms, cherries, artificial flavoring, candied mango pieces (mango, sugar), candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), rose blossom leaves, lemon peels, rosebuds, and cranberry pieces.

Other Information

Where to Purchase: Teavana

I love finding out what tea names mean. This one is a combination of the words Sakura (Cherry blossom) and Allure (Bewitch or charm).

The sales associate opened the big tin of Sakura Allure at the Teavana store at Festival Center, Dubai. My husband and I made our pick the moment we took a whiff of the tea.

It was my first time at a Teavana store and I was super excited to get home and try the blends we picked. We happened to be leaving on a short trip in a couple of days and now is when I finally got to sit down and have a taste of our stash.


The sales associate at the store provided us with the brewing instructions which were different from that on the Teavana website. I’m glad I decided to try out both options.

Sakura Allure - Teavana

Brewing time followed:

Teavana website

Serving Size: 1.5 teaspoons per 8oz serving

Water Temp:  80°C

Steep Time:  2 minutes

I followed the recommended brewing method but with a serving size of 1 teaspoon. The liquor was a dark burgundy color. The excessive, artificial sweetness of the tea was distracting. I also immediately thought that I had over-steeped the tea because of the bitter aftertaste, which again clouded my tasting. The floral notes were highlighted here and I didn’t particularly enjoy this.

And so I decided to do a tasting using the brewing instructions that were specified by the tea specialist at the store.Sakura Allure - Teavana

Tea store (Teavana Store)

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon per 8oz serving

Water Temp:  80°C

Steep Time:  1 minute

The color of the liquor was a very nice rose pink with a hint of red. This tasting was extremely different from the first. I preferred the toned down level of sweetness.

There was tartness from the cherry. I felt like there was a lot happening in one slurp probably because of the very many ingredients present in the blend.

Sakura Allure - Teavana

Summary notes

This would only be an occasional pick for me. I loved the amazing aroma and the beautiful color. But I would have preferred if the floral notes were not as prominent and the green tea flavor was stronger.

Note: It would have been nice if the tea specialist had specified that the tea was sweetened.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money and I was not asked to review it. This is my honest opinion. 


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