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Chennai haul – Tea things & other things.

Chennai! The minute I stepped off that 4-hour long flight and finally met my sister, everything just felt a lot better. And there is this sense of freedom I feel whenever I am in India. The sound of cars, buses, and rickshaws don’t really…

May 25, 2017
Uplifting win : Global Tea Hut
Tea Fables

Uplifting win : Global Tea Hut

Remember the November wedding in Chennai followed by a tea tasting? An evening well spent at a teahouse with some of my good friends. We tasted tea and took a lot of pictures as well. Earlier in July this year, the Global Tea Hut held…

November 23, 2016
Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House
Restaurant Reviews Tea Tastings

Tea Tasting : Lloyd’s Tea House

After the beautiful wedding ceremony and the delicious feast of a sadya, we had a couple of hours to be out and about Chennai till the wedding reception in the evening. With just 2 days and everyone leaving the next day, we decided to do…

September 18, 2016
november wedding chennai
Musings Travel

November Wedding : Chennai

The month was November and the year was 2015. A November Wedding : Chennai. Eight months later I finally get to the edits of this post that I had drafted months ago. Procrastination. At its worst. Guilty. Note to self: Even if things do…

August 2, 2016
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