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cafe arabia : walk-through
Restaurant Reviews

Cafe Arabia :Walk-through

Abu Dhabi is roughly an hour away from Dubai. Even as a child the one-off trips to Abu Dhabi were to meet my aunt (Mom’s tenth sister – no boys. 10 girls!) and her family. Even now the only trips I do are to…

October 16, 2017
Art of Tea box finale.
Tea Tastings

Art of Tea box finale

The Art of Tea box with their handpicked selection of tea has been nothing short of phenomenal. You would expect one or two stand outs but to have each blend have a certain boldness and character was great. So these are the last three…

May 28, 2017
Sakura Allure - Teavana
Tea Tastings

Sakura Allure – Teavana

  Tea Description Bright and lively cherries and hibiscus blend with soft rose and mango. An enchanting green tea blend, this spiritual coupling of floral and fruit come alive as rose and hibiscus intertwine with lively cherry, mango, and candied pineapple. Ingredients: Green tea,…

May 6, 2017
White Winter Chai - Art of tea
Tea Tastings

White Winter Chai – Art of tea

Tea Description Cozy up this winter with this spicy white tea infusion and allow the sweet, comforting aroma of our exotic chai spices to swirl under your nose and rest delicately on your palate with each flavorful sip. Ingredients: Organic White Tea, Organic Black…

March 30, 2017
Tea Tastings

Whisky Flavoured Tea – Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company

Tea Description  Water and barley from the glens are blended into the drink of Scotland. A smooth, pure China leaf tea, marinated in a Scottish malt whisky flavor. Ingredients: Tea, Whisky flavoring (2.8%) Other Information Where to Purchase: Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company Suggested…

March 14, 2017
Arabian Tea House Cafe Restaurant : Photo Essayed
Restaurant Reviews

Arabian Tea House Cafe Restaurant : Photo Essayed

Descriptions of authentic Arabic tea houses bring to mind images of open courtyards, the smell of strong black tea, incessant chatter of guests, and Arabic music playing in the background. Arabian Tea House Cafe Restaurant : Photo Essayed. In U.A.E., there are the two…

November 3, 2016
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