I am so glad to welcome you to the Pardesi Trotter.

Here you can expect to find a collection of my notes and thoughts on tea and mindful living. T.E.A. A little word with an entire world of its own. Here, I essay stories of the beauty and mystery of the steeped tea leaves that have traveled through picturesque tea hills to my humble teacup. 

Sit back with a steaming cup of tea (or coffee), with your favorite artist crooning in the background, and have a read. 

My favorite colors switch between vibrant violet and calming jade. I would sacrifice some shut-eye to catch a beautiful sunrise. I love Tamil music, poetry, and lyrics that leave me lost for words. 

Scroll down for a little background of where my passion for tea started to take root.

As with every story, once upon a time…

My grandfather worked in three tea estates in Kerala, Bonamy (Vagamon), Pashumalai (Munnar) & Manjumalai (Vandiperiyar) for over 2 decades spanning from the early 1940s to the late ’60s.

School vacations for my father and his sisters meant trips to tea estates. He formed a connection and love for tea plantations from a very young age. He admired the discipline with which tea factories operated. There is a special place in his heart for old English bungalows that decorated the estates.

I have vivid memories of our family trips during my summer vacations to distant mountains in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The sight of tea pickers specking the hills as we drove up those winding roads was something I loved.

I fondly remember the smile on Pappa’s face as he walked through the tea estates which were full of stories and memories for him.

 Pause. Linger. Stay.


Sherin George





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