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Ayurveda Pura Dosha Teas

January 31, 2021
Ayurveda Pura Dosha Tea

Ayurveda Pura

Ayurveda Pura is a wellness brand watered and nourished by Dr. Deepa Apte and her team. The brand has its roots in London, the United Kingdom as the Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Center. From its humble beginnings with a range of dosha teas brewed and concocted in Dr. Deepa’s kitchen. Today Ayurveda Pura is home to over 100 organic products with a vision to enlightening its client base on the goodness of Ayurveda. Dr. Deepa is an award-winning professional coach. What I find special is how she seeks to educate people through her training programs, short Ayurveda courses, as well as diplomas.


Growing up in a Keralite home, the concept of Ayurvedic remedies is not new to me. To date, my mother chooses natural pantry staples as remedies to a cough or cold over English medicine. For instance, a simple concoction of onion juice, lemon, and ginger works wonders for a cough.

It is probably because of my background that I took a particular interest in Ayurveda Pura’s initiative. Ayurveda extracts the benefits of natural ingredients to heal, enrich, and nourish the body in times of sickness and otherwise

What are Doshas?

The three doshas or functional body types revolve around the five elements.

  1. Aakash (space)
  2. Jala (water)
  3. Prithvi (earth)
  4. Teja (fire)
  5. Vayu (air)

A unique union of the elements results in the three doshas.

  1. Vata (catabolic); air & space
  2. Kapha (anabolic); earth & water
  3. Pitta (metabolic); fire & water

According to Ayurveda, a person falls under one of the three doshas depending on their mood, emotions, and body type.

Ayurveda Pura’s dosha teas

What drew my attention to the brand was its range of herbal teas formulated around the three doshas. They have also taken into consideration combining ingredients to create a Tridoshic blend that merges all five elements.

The organically grown ingredients used in the blend are string tied in biodegradable tea bags. I truly appreciate the extra mile that brands take to contribute positively to the environment.

Read on as I review the first three teas from a box of six that the brand was so kind enough to send me. Each pack contains 20 teabags.

1. Orange & Fennel Bliss (Vata blend)
Tea description

This peaceful blend of palette cleansing fennel and reflective tones of cinnamon, orange peel, and ginger will help to balance your Doshas to soothe the mind & body any moment of your day.

Where to purchase: Ayurveda Pura

Tasting Notes

The teabag pack opened to my favorite kind of aroma. Spice! Fennel, cardamom, and clove mirroring the scent of an earthy garam masala. I could detect a slight trace of orange but not prominent. 

Once steeped, the tea settled down to a mellow orange edging towards a deeper hue. Now the aroma has transformed into a warming clove and fennel combination. 

The flavor profile was mild, complemented by the heat of ginger. The beauty lies in the fact that each time I raised my cup for a sip, the aroma was unique. Like a medley of spices changing track.

This distinction in the aroma is not prominent in the tasting. Fennel is the single stand out flavor layered with clove and cinnamon. Traces of orange linger as the ending notes. Orange simply falls to the background letting the fennel shine through. 

As per the package information, the proportion of fennel seeds is 43% and that of the orange peel is 22%. This would explain why the orange flavor is masked instead of balanced by the spices.

2. Saffron & Cardamom Delight (Pitta blend)
Tea description

Your senses will relish this combination of refreshing Saffron, one of the world`s most precious and sought after spices, together with the uplifting aroma of Cardamom. Experience hints of light spring-like quality of fennel, and the zingy tones of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. This blend will assist to balance your Doshas, to recharge and renew yourself throughout your day.

Where to purchase: Ayurveda Pura

Tasting Notes

The dry aroma of this bright red pack of tea brought out the warm aroma of saffron lightly coated by cinnamon and clove.

The tea-infused and steeped into deep turmeric like orange bringing out the refreshing aroma of fennel and cinnamon. Comfort!  As I sipped through this smooth herbal tea, the flavors disintegrate from saffron to fennel to cardamom. There is a depth of flavor while still retaining a clean finish.  Earthy fennel and curry spice flavor with hints of saffron blushing through.

3. Lemon & Ginger Zest (Tridoshic blend)
Tea description

Your senses will relish this herbal blend of warming ginger and zesty lemon. Your taste buds will be tantalized by hints of minty lemongrass and citrusy orange peel. Formulated to balance your Doshas (body type) to cleanse and aid in digestion any time of the day or evening.

Where to purchase: Ayurveda Pura

Tasting Notes

The bright yellow pack of tea opened to a fresh citrusy aroma. It took me back to memories of opening packs of Orange tang drink back in the day.

The tea steeped settling into a mellow yellow color. The warm steam wafting out of the cup brought out one of my favorite aroma combinations of ginger and lemongrass.

I personally enjoy citrus blends of tea. This Tridoshic blend has lemongrass in the lead. The flavor lacked the brightness and zing which is unique to lemon and had a bitter tone running through. As the tasting progressed, I began to appreciate the soothing heat of the ginger and the warmth of the flavors which ended with a slight pop of freshness.

It is so true that a tea transforms in its flavor profile with each sip. Play around with the steep timing and give the tea some time to truly come through.


Each of the tea blends is suggested to be steeped for six minutes in boiling water. Post steeping and tasting I recommend a steep time of 8-9 minutes. The 6 minutes doesn’t truly do justice in bringing out the intended flavor profile or depth of color. The increase of 2 minutes on the clock transformed the tasting for me. 

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