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Bruu Tea – Champagne

May 21, 2019
Bruu Tea - Champagne

A ‘Bruutea-ful’ welcome to the United Kingdom

The Pardesi Trotter recently shifted base from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom. With a heart full of excitement, curiosity and a pinch of fear, my little family and I packed our bags and left our home. We are slowly settling in and I was so happy to receive my first tea mail from Bruu tea.

It was a delightful package with three different tea blends, a tea infuser, and a little surprise of Belgian chocolate eggs. Thank you Bruu tea for the warm welcome.

Bruu Tea - Champagne

Bruu Tea - Champagne

Bruu Tea – Champagne

Tea description

A dry white and green tea blend with lush peachy chunks and sweet sultanas. Raise your glass with this sparkling delight.

Where to purchase: https://www.bruutea.co.uk/

Bruu tea is a gourmet tea club offering a monthly selection of tea in various package selections starting from a range of £10.00 to £28.50.

Suggested Brewing Tips

Brewing time: 1-2 minutes

Water temperature: 80°C

Quantity: 1 teaspoon

Tasting notes

Dry aroma – The leaves give out a refreshing fruity aroma with a big punch of peaches and a subtle scent of green tea.

The dry tea leaves look so vibrant with the chunks of peach and apple. I particularly liked the addition of the dried sultanas.

Liquor color – Pale Yellow inching towards a light gold.

Liquor aroma – As the tea brews and the steam rises, the tea gives out the distinct aroma of white tea with a final lingering fruity scent.

Tasting notes – The blend has the subtle but not overpowering vegetal note of green tea. It balances really nicely with the white tea. The gold liquor finishes with the mellow brightness and sweetness of the bits of fruit in the blend. I really liked that the tea wasn’t unnaturally sweet. The dry aroma was predominantly fruity but the infused liquid was well balanced.

Bruu Tea - Champagne

Note: A reminder for when using tea blends with large chunky ingredients. Make sure you give the pack a good shake so that you incorporate a well-balanced spoonful of the blend for your brew.

I used the Bruu tea infuser. The one downside was that there was a lot of loose tea powder that had settled at the base of the tea.



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