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Bruu Tea – Flourish

May 22, 2019

Bruu Tea – Flourish

Tea description

Bursting with aromas of fruit, flowers & blossom, we love this colorful caffeine-free infusion.

Where to purchase:ย https://www.bruutea.co.uk/

Suggested Brewing Tips

Brewing time: 5-10 minutes

Water temperature: 100ยฐC

Quantity: 1 teaspoon

Tasting notes

Dry aroma: Flourish opens to the warm scent of vanilla brightened with a fresh balanced fruity and floral scent.

Bruu Tea - Flourish

Liquor color: When the hot water hits the tea leaves the water turns into a light blue-green-yellow color for a minute or so. By the end of the steep time, the tea is a bright hue of yellow.

Bruu Tea - Flourish

Bruu Tea - Flourish

Liquor aroma: The tea wafts with warm scents of vanilla lined delicately by a floral aroma. Weirdly the scent reminds me of delicious carrot pancakes. (I know, completely unrelated.)

Tasting notes – I am not the biggest fan of floral tea. I was pleasantly surprised at how well balanced the scent was right from the aroma of the tea. I tried brewing the tea at 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Apart from the change in the depth of color, the flavor remained well balanced.

It is a very calming blend owing to the various flowers and blossoms that coat the liquor. It almost feels caramel-like and creamy. Vanilla is the flavor that stood out for me. It wasn’t on the ingredient list and it is very interesting if the combination of apple with the flowers give out that sort of a flavor.

Bruu Tea - Flourish

I am ending my day with this blend and it feels right to drink this bruu after turning out the light to another day.



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