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Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

November 21, 2016
Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

Divan, Finest Chocolate, Istanbul 1956 reads the entryway to this exquisite Chocolate paradise located at the Dubai Mall. S & I happened upon this chocolate boutique by chance. O what a treat! Divan is an immensely popular brand in Istanbul known for their boutique patisserie concept. They showcase varieties of cocoa from seven countries and are known for their superior quality gourmet chocolates.

Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

The decor & chocolate

Divan is a black and white setting with a very classy and elegant tone. The white cushioned sofas have a backdrop of pictures of Istanbul and of course chocolate.

The chocolate fondue station was one of the main highlights. A wall with streams of chocolate dripping down. At the station are two taps with chocolate flowing into a mug. These people take their chocolate very seriously and they show it off pretty darn well too.

Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

The walls and shelves all tell one story. Chocolate. The shelves have a gorgeous display of various chocolate boxes. The Dragee boxes, in particular, caught my attention. The dragee is a chocolate covered sweet with a center (coffee seed, pistachio, and almond). They even have Turkish delight (Arduaz) with different coverings like rose, pistachio, and lemon.

A lovely range of gift boxes in beautiful colors were also on display.

Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

All the chocolate and cake are sourced from Turkey. Maintaining their standard of quality is a priority for Divan. The cakes may be sourced from Turkey but the presentation is handled by a Turkish chef who is an expert at what he does.

Their macaron collection looks so good! At the checkout counter were cute little tins of Turkish delight priced at AED 10.

The cake & tea experience

The only tea on the menu was traditional Turkish tea. Being a tea lover that definitely was a disappointment. Cake & tea are such a great combination be it when you’re having your best day or your worst. It would be great if Divan would consider adding a range of tea to their menu.

Picking out a cake though was a tricky task owing to the variety of cakes they had on display. On the recommendation of the kind manager, we picked the Aida cake.

Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

The specialty of the cake is that the glossy, sticky, thick outer layer is a mix of dark, white and milk chocolate. The bitterness of the dark chocolate is met with fresh pops of orange. It was really rich. S didn’t enjoy the dark chocolate flavor too much. The texture of the cake was unique and the flavor too was something I hadn’t tasted before.

The Turkish black tea was served in traditional tulip-shaped tea glasses. The tea tasted great. The strength of the tea was just right. It was accompanied by a round shortbread cookie. The cookie was buttery and not too sweet.

We even tried some of those bright colored macarons. They had great texture and flavor. Pistachio was my favorite.

Divan Patisserie : Gourmet chocolate

The verdict

This little boutique stays true to its focus, gourmet chocolate. The ambiance of the patisserie is perfect for some alone time with a book or chocolate tasting with a friend.

The service at Divan is great. The manager, in particular, was a cheerful man who was proud of the brand and happily responded to all our queries.

Disclaimer: I purchased the items mentioned with my own money and I was not asked to review it. This is my honest opinion. 


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