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Big Fat Keralite Wedding : Calicut.

August 25, 2015
Big Fat Keralite Wedding : Calicut.

The Pardesi Trotter is back after a Big Fat Keralite Wedding : Calicut.

Big Fat Keralite Wedding : Calicut.

It was a much-needed trip down memory lane. We were all so kindly accommodated in a two-storeyed villa. Me and all of my friends from college. The big reunion that everyone made it to.

The traditional Keralite festival of Onam was right around the corner. The unexpected highlight was definitely seeing a man dressed up as Mahabali on a bike.? More about Onam here.Big Fat Keralite Wedding : Calicut.

The sleepless nights, the desi dress up’s, having amazing Calicut biryani (a must-have), watching my friends tie the knot, going on lazy drives, having street-side chai in the rain, and trying every variety of halwa we could find in Calicut (thanks to our friend Don). He is the fun ball in the group who still sends out cute handwritten letters to us from India.

Big Fat Keralite Wedding : Calicut.

“Choose people who choose you.” – unknown

Catching up with this lot was fantastic. Everyone has branched out to different cities, countries, with new careers and new lives. It is heartwarming to know that we all started our journey to adulthood from the same base. It is something we will always have in common and will look back on fondly.

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