Mangalore Travel Diaries

November 2, 2015
Mangalore travel diaries

What started as a family visit turned out to be a memorable week in Mangalore. Something I miss constantly about India is the adventures that await you at a corner of a street, in the multiple bus and auto changes, or in busy street markets. I would call this post the obvious, my Mangalore travel diaries.

The K Tea that never happened 

When the trip was decided the one thing I hoped to accomplish was to visit and taste the famous ‘Kaladdka Tea’ or ‘K Tea’ for myself. It is a three-layer tea with a unique flavor only made at the ‘Lakshmi Nivas K.T. Hotel’, Kaladdka.

My biggest disappointment was not being able to make it there thanks to transport issues and the cab service deciding to go on a ten-day-long strike. But Dr. Rinkoo, a dentist by profession who I met on the trip was kind enough to send me a picture when he drove by the place days after I left.

I could then only depend on the review and experiences of a couple of great people that I met. Dr. Rinkoo and Dr. Kavya friends of my sister in law, Dr. Shiny all of whom I spend a lot of time with during the week. Yes, I had some fun Dentists for company.

They had no clue that K- Tea was so popular and described it to be a small hotel with a lot of people streaming in and out for their K-Tea and Rimjhim Coffee.

In fact, I first heard about K-Tea around three months back from my good friend Joystan as we were having a talk on tea over tea. He being a Mangalorean was really excited to introduce me to K-Tea, which is a household name to them. Thank you for that first mention which rocketed me onto an excited spree to try K-Tea for myself.

Surprisingly they didn’t notice anything spectacular about the flavor. The clear distinction between the milk layer and the thick tea layer was the main attraction to them. They described the flavor to be that of a strong black milk tea blend.

mangalore travel diaries

They were pleasantly surprised when I told them about the immense popularity of the tea. They had been to the place numerous times and had the tea with no idea of its significance.

The very evident ice cream craze!

There is huge craze for Ice cream in Mangalore and there some great places which offer natural flavors with real fruit pieces. Coming from a place where everyone makes an excuse for a round of tea, this sure was a change. The definite standouts were Tender coconut and Mango flavors from Naturals Ice Cream and the Gadbad ice-cream from Ideals ice creams.

mangalore travel diaries

Coconut Thunder

Another drink that I accidentally happened to have six years back in Kannur, Kerala was Elaneer (Tender coconut) shake. I couldn’t find it anywhere else until this time at Mangalore. At Sky Bakers, Mangalore we had their delicious ‘Coconut Thunder’ with chunky pieces of tender coconut floating atop the drink. I will say, we didn’t stop at one glass 😀

mangalore travel diaries

Despite my trip not being a tea adventure, it was quiet an adventure nonetheless.

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