November Wedding : Chennai

August 2, 2016
november wedding chennai

The month was November and the year was 2015. A November Wedding : Chennai. Eight months later I finally get to the edits of this post that I had drafted months ago. Procrastination. At its worst. Guilty. Note to self: Even if things do tend to get overwhelming sometimes, get organized.

We are a group of 11. Predominately Malayalis’s with the exception of a good-hearted witty boy from Haryana. Us the backbenchers from a college in Coimbatore. You too, of course, have those set of friends from college who you stay connected with years later. They made that know-it-all growing up phase so much more fun and memorable for me.

The planning for the trip began a month before. Unfortunately, wedding week started with bad news of the torrential rain in Chennai. Thankfully for me, the airport remained fully functional. I started my over excited travel with a terrible tea experience from Costa Coffee, Sharjah International Airport. An unfriendly, uncaring Barista. sure can ruin an otherwise meant to be warmth in a cup.

But that could not dampen the spirit of this tea-loving mother of one who wanted nothing more than a trip to anywhere, to reconnect with friends and self.

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.”

– Andre Gide

The Wedding.

Fast forward to wedding morning. Us girls got into a frenzy of getting dolled up in Kanchipuram saris, flowered up hairdo’s and touches of crimson on our cheeks. Donned in crisp shirts and white dhotis were the boys.

We entered the hall to the sounds of the traditional Keralite Chendamelam. There’s a magic to the rhythmic beat of the cylindrical percussion instruments that pumps up the festive environment at any occasion. The  chendamelam is an integral part of festivities in Kerala. We were entrusted with the task of holding the thallam in the procession accompanying the bride to the Mandapam.

November Wedding : Chennai

The wedding ceremony was beautiful. A traditional Andhrite Hindu wedding complete with a delicious sadhya on the leaf.

November Wedding : Chennai

November Wedding : Chennai

november wedding : chennai

We had a couple of hours to be out and about Chennai till the reception in the evening. With 2 days and everyone leaving the next day, we decided to do a tea tasting.

The initial plan was to visit 6 of the top tea places in Chennai. But we had to decide between getting stuck in traffic for hours (owing to the bad weather conditions) to get from one tea place to the next or to make it on time for the evening reception. We decided on the sensible option of visiting Lloyds Tea House and then getting to the reception. More about the tasting in the post to come. Once I was done with Chennai I took the next flight to Coimbatore. More of which you can read here.

November Wedding : Chennai

I could write on and on about these guys. I’m grateful to have them in my life. You don’t need to meet someone on a daily basis or talk to him or her every day to have a lasting friendship. Stay connected with the people that matter. Let them know.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed going back in time to type this one out. If you haven’t, there will be more on tea in my future posts 🙂


I normally don’t write personal posts. I feel the one thing that gets in the way of me as a blogger and honest blogging is overthinking. But then a blog is a personal space that someone creates for themselves to express their interests, their personality, their views, and thoughts. And so for today I’m leaving those cares behind.



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    Good read. Please write more

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      AW! Adhil boy. Thanks so much for reading and giving me a shout out. Means a lot 🙂

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