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Passion Fruit Iced Tea

October 11, 2017
passion fruit iced tea

Hi there! It’s October. And that means plenty of things warm and fuzzy. In the U.A.E. the weather still continues to be hot and humid with the expectation that it will cool down by the end of the month. October is also birthday month at my home with my baby turning one and Adrian turning four. When I stop to take in how much has been and how much time has passed by it makes me a little giddy. Giddy with happiness.

This month I write from my new home. The past few months have been about settling in. Finding a new corner for my photographs, books, the money plants, and the candle stands. Thankfully I also have more storage space for my teaware and my obsessive collection of mugs and cups. So YAY!

Is it just me or does moving to a fresh space give you a renewed perspective? Something like it being a brand new year for me all over again. 

A few weeks back when Noble got back from his short trip to Kerala a sweet little something took up space in my fruit basket. Passion Fruit. During my summer vacations in Kerala, I would watch my grandmother scoop out the flesh and the seeds of the fruit into a bowl and then top it with sugar. This was then served as a refreshment after badminton matches with the cousins till sunset. It was so juicy and tasty.

I thought it would be nice to prepare an iced tea with the passion fruit.  Veena’s curryworld has a great recipe for homemade passion fruit syrup. It was such a joy watching her video which is in Malayalam but with English subtitles. I used black CTC dust tea from a brand called Elstone for the tea.

Passion Fruit Iced Tea – with black tea

Black tea (tea leaves would be great as well)

Passion fruit syrup (link to the recipe above)

Ice cubes

Add 11?2  teaspoon of black tea to 11?2 cups of boiled water. Cover and let the tea steep for 10 minutes. Because its an iced tea most of the flavor gets diluted and hence the increased steeping time. Strain. You could store the tea in the fridge if it is for later use.

In a tall glass add half a cup of ice cubes. Spoon in 4-5 tablespoons of the passion fruit syrup. Finally, top it off with the prepared black tea. Give it a final mix and serve cold. The iced tea has a nice balanced flavor and I loved the bite of the passion fruit seeds.

So there is my dose of orange for October.



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