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Shay Madhboot – Cozy Karak Spot

November 27, 2017

Have you ever looked down at your Karak teacup and wished that it was served in a better manner? I love my daily dose of Karak and mostly always have it without having to step out of my car. But say hello to Shay Madhboot which means ‘Perfect Tea’ in Arabic. A cozy Karak spot located in Muroor, Abu Dhabi. Shay Madhboot is a small but snug space with cute interiors which I would say is worth stepping out of your car for and their menu doesn’t make that decision too hard to make. Their logo is in Arabic with a unique design.

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot

The Decor

The cafe is bright with earthy color tones with varying shades of brown and the green from the potted plants that liven the space up. The main counter is lit overhead by a string of Edison bulbs which always seem to add a touch of warmth to a place. They have up for sale snacks like Tiffany’s glucose biscuits and chips Oman. These are a couple of food items that are synonyms for people who have grown up in the Middle East. I particularly loved the ‘Wallah I love you more than Karak’ gift cards which sell at AED 25. ย I loved the color of the wooden flooring as well.

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot


Another corner of the cafe has a slightly different vibe to it with a lounge sofa flanked by an exposed brick wall. The wall is dedicated to different takes of the cafe through the eyes of the customers of Shay Madhboot. A wall of Polaroids of the cafeteria photographed by customers sharing their experience through Instagram. You just need to tag @shaymadhboot to your post.

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot

The Karak and food

The menu at Shay Madhboot is compact but with a great choice of Arabic drinks and other delicacies. They offer a couple of takes on Karak tea like the saffron Karak tea and iced Karak. Also on the menu is an interesting Vimto Mojito and some varieties of coffee.

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot

The food menu is mouthwatering. They have focussed on porotta wraps with different flavor combinations which are a favorite tea accompaniment. We opted for the Shakshuka (my first try of the popular dish), Shay Madhboot’s signature tea, and Zaatar milk tea.


The flavor of the Karak tea was spot on. I particularly loved the presentation of the tea which is placed on a little cup holder and had some biscuits on the side. They definitely take their Karak seriously and know their audience.

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot

The Zaatar milk tea was not impressive though. A zaatar tea bag dunked in some milk which lacked the intensity of flavor.

Shay Madhboot - Cozy Karak Spot

Moving on to the food. The Shakshuka was nice and tangy with the bright flavors of tomato and mildly spicy. It did remind me of the curry base used in a lot of Indian’s curries. I felt like the Shakshuka stood out on its own and didn’t like it as an accompaniment to my Karak tea. We had a side of fresh porotta which went very well with the Karak tea. You see, old habits are sometimes difficult to change.

We loved our tea time at Shay Madhboot. It’s perfect for quite time away with your Karak tea. They serve their Karak tea withย ??.

A nice place to check out if you are in the capital.

Disclaimer: The review was not paid for. This is my honest opinion.

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