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Sneaky trotter – Teacup & saucer choices

November 1, 2015
sneaky trotter - tea cup & saucer

The sneaky trotter – Teacup & saucer choices.

P.S. To the Uncle who caught my attention, apologies for being a sneaky trotter. Do you like your tea from a tea cup or saucer? 

This is my first time visiting this city and my sister in law has been a darling taking me around. Today we decided to first go to the church. But first I had to make a stop for a paper boat drink. The focus of their ad campaigns which I so often watched on the telly was on drinks and Indian flavors that transported you back to your childhood. In one word, nostalgia. Now, what is not to love about that 🙂

sneaky trotter : teacup & saucer choices

First was a bus ride and then a midway switch to an auto got us to our destination. It’s been ages since I commuted via bus and the rickshaw. Back in college the thought of getting on a crowded bus to make it for a movie with the gang or just go someplace for food was such a hassle. 5 years and a child later I would pick an auto rickshaw over a taxi any day (Yes! I sound nuts :D). It’s probably the monotonous routine that has taken over my life in Dubai.

The Milagres Church was a beauty. The Wednesday novena prayers were going on with the melodious chorus of the choir. Outside was a little stall put up by a family. They sold scented candles and other trinkets. I decided to purchase an orange scented candle to keep as a memorabilia. I do have a habit of holding onto to notes, bills, movie tickets and anything else that I would remind me of a particular day or moment and store it away in a box (now, many little boxes).

After church, we walked down the road to Sky bakers. The eleneer shake (Tender coconut milkshake) has been on my favorites list from the time I had one on a trip to Kannur, Kerala. My Appachan (grandfather) and I searched for the milkshake whenever I was on holiday in Cochin, Kerala. I finally found you! More about it on the post to come. As we waited for our order I watched as an uncle sitting next to us poured out his tea from the cup into a saucer and sipped his tea from the saucer.
He had reached the end of his cup and walked away leaving me with this one blurred picture which in some way is special.
It’s quite interesting to see how different people like to take their tea.

P.P.S.The images on this post are not of the best quality and I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have wanted to, thanks to my phone dying out on me. 😐


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