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Sunrises & Poetry : Passing by

March 16, 2017
Sunrises & Poetry : Passing by

Adhil explores in near-poem like fashion the majesty of a sunrise and evokes thought with his musings on how life changing an experience it can be. 

Passing By

6.00 am.
Standing by the stretch of rocks into the beach.
There are moments beyond the reach of literature.
This, one of it.
Glorious sunrise.
Sound of sea, kindling its symphony.
Brilliant morning.
The sea was clear blue and in it were a bloom of jellyfish. Have been to this beach before but this spectacle was a first.
All of us in silence in our own worlds of thought.
I couldn’t help but think ‘how much longer is the sun for?’
‘How many beautiful sunrises have there been?’
‘Or rather how many sunrises more?’
As I turned to ask how old does everyone think the sun is, I noticed the jellyfishes. One briefly surfaced.
Calm, beautiful, and floating.
How many sunrises must that one have witnessed?
Certainly more than any of us.
‘Lifetimes’ more!

“A species of jelly, Turritopsis dohrnii, is able to cheat death, curling into a ball (signaling the end for most species), only to grow from its own shriveled remains into an immature juveniles once more.” – Escaping death and achieving potential immortality.

What are we humans really?
I’ve read this once:
‘Humans are nothing but ghosts driving a meat coated skeleton- made from stardust – riding a rock – floating through space.’
None of this ours.
Not this sun.
Not this sea.
Not this earth.
We’re visitors.
Passing by this planet.
Passing by this dimension crossing over to the next. Weaving wings here.
To fly over to the next.
Many more suns to see.

Text by Adhil Ashraf. Adhil is a Mechanical Engineer by profession with a flair for writing. The soul of his words lies in life and in appreciating the beauty in its simplicity. You can follow him here.

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