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September 23, 2015
tea books.

I am so excited today! These two Tea books made it to my book corner thanks to my amazing husband. 😀

Walking into the bookstore I checked with the customer desk (at Book World by Kinokuniya, Dubai, U.A.E.) on their tea literature section. The customer care rep guided me to the ‘Food & Drink’ section. This section was dedicated to endless books on eating green, baking and cuisine from different parts of the world. Being a big foodie, it was a joy being around all these books with beautiful covers and big names. But today I was looking for books on tea. I finally found a tiny little shelf dedicated to ‘Tea & Coffee’. Honestly, I was quiet disappointed probably because I was expecting a whole section for Tea & Coffee. My two picks were :

The Tea Book – Linda Gaylard

Tea Classified: A Tea lover’s Companion – Jane Pettigrew

I felt like a happy little girl, clutching my brand new books and making my way out.

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