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February 8, 2016

Hello from a tea trotter who is soaking in her teacup of thought. Many of us have a list of favourite quotes. Some inspire us, others motivate us. Words also have that wonderful ability to remind us of life changing events. The same goes for me and tea. The experience of tea drinking is different and unique for each person. I thought it would be a great exercise for me to put in some thought and make a list of quotes that best reflect the spirit of tea. As a result, these are my top 7 tea quote picks.

Blogging about tea always involves multi-tasking. Once I decide on the blend the excitement to prepare it kicks in. My little kitchen goes into a mad mess as I shuffle with pots, tea, and a ton of other ingredients. And then it’s all about getting the perfect photographs to describe what I am feeling when preparing each tea blend.

Aside from my kitchen, I jump at any opportunity I get to photograph people and tea. The thing with tea is from the first sip, you either love it or hate it. With people, I get to capture emotion and beauty.

Last year I had such a memorable time in Chennai for my friend’s wedding. A reunion complete with dressing up, all the wedding fun and the bonus of tasting tea with the best of my friends. And that, of course, meant a lot of pictures. Fast forward to last week in Dubai and it was a girls night in with my beautiful sisters. We baked tea muffins and drank a lot of tea. And of course, it was photography galore.

This track was on repeat while I edited and compiled my little series of tea quotes and photographs.

Cheers to more Tea and the company of joyful people. All the time. Anytime.

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tea quote picks quotea

tea quote pick quotea

tea quote pick quotea

tea quote pick quotea

tea quote pick quotea

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