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Tea Tasting : Lloyd’s Tea House

September 18, 2016
Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

After the beautiful wedding ceremony and the delicious feast of a sadya, we had a couple of hours to be out and about Chennai till the wedding reception in the evening. With just 2 days and everyone leaving the next day, we decided to do a tea tasting. Tea Tasting : Lloyd’s Tea House.

Side Note: This post is a follow-up of events from here.

Lloyds Tea House was our pick! So there we were dressed up in our wedding attire making our way to a teahouse at 3PM.

Interiors & Ambience

The interiors were elegant and tastefully done. The main colors used in the decor were pastel blue and white.  Lloyds seemed to be designed with an obvious ‘Travel’ theme in mind. I loved the world maps on the upholstery of the chairs and sofa sets. The main seating area was a very positive space with a lot of sunlight streaming through the large glass doors.


Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

Vintage suitcase shelves. Love the little details!

I also loved the fact that they had a cute little private space for bigger groups. A wall was dedicated to a lineup of vintage suitcase shelves. Each suitcase shelved little items, which reflected elements that the teahouse revolved around.

The menu

The tea menu was really nice as well. It had tea quotes and a well-penned description of their teas. The selection of tea caters to a wide range of people. So whether you like your tea hot or cold, herbal or with milk, they have it all.

Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

The Tea

Since we were pretty stuffed from the wedding lunch, we just decided on having tea with the exception of the one boy who had a milkshake.

One iced gourmet apple (fresh apple + black tea), Tropical flavors (tropical green tea + green tropical fruits), rose petals tea, peach dream (black tea + peaches) and Himalayan Rhapsody (flower tea + fruity flavors).

The hot tea was served in a bottom- dispensing teapot. Also accompanying the tea was a miniature hourglass timer. Each tea had a different steeping time. After steeping the teapot is placed over the teacup and tea is automatically dispensed into the cup.

Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

It was the first time I had come across this teapot design and I was quite fascinated by it. Loose-leaf tea tends to get messy when using regular infusers. This unique teapot makes life a lot easier for a tea drinker.Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

We did have an accident, though. The teapot is placed on top of the cup till the cup is half full. My friend who was using it for the first time had piping hot tea spill over his hand. Ouch! We would have appreciated a tiny bit of guidance from the staff on service.

Tea Tasting

The tea was great! The depth of color, fragrance and flavor were uplifting.

It was such a fun experience getting to taste different teas with my friends. We passed our cups around and took some time tasting and talking about the notes and flavors of each tea.

Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

I enjoyed my first cup but from then on I just ended up with over steeped tea, which I didn’t particularly like. The reason being that the tea leaves were put directly into the teapot. Hence the leaves continued to steep in the remaining water. I have no clue why the mesh filter which is supposed to retain the tea leaves was not used.

Cake and Tea

We decided to finish our tea with a slice of cake. Rainbow cake. Cake and tea are a match made in food  heaven of course! We scraped through every last piece 😀

Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House


Lloyds Tea House was a great experience. There is a warmth and coziness about this teahouse that I adored. I particularly appreciate the effort put into accommodating a wide selection of tea on their menu. The presentation was unique. A great place for a meet up with your friends or pick a corner for work or just some quiet time.

Tea Tasting : Lloyd's Tea House

Blurry mobile picture 😐 but these guys 🙂





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  • Reply rajesh jethwani September 21, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Hello Sherin,

    It’s wonderful what you have going here, we sure need more tea enthusiasts like you. It’s good to know people appreciate the art of brewing and serving you a perfect cup of tea. Especially Chennai being a coffee drinking community it’s nice to meet people who know their teas well. Thank you for the write up on Lloyds tea house, glad to know you had a pleasant experience at the tearoom, loved the pictures you have shot. Keep up the wonderful work, hope to see you soon at the tearoom. And a trinket collection sounds really interesting.

    Highest Regards

    • Reply PARDESI TROTTER September 21, 2016 at 12:36 pm

      Hi Rajesh,

      It’s great to see feedback from a tea enthusiast like yourself. Visiting Lloyd’s tearoom was one of the main highlights of my short visit to Chennai. It’s really nice to see the level of attention that you have given to various aspects of the tearoom right from the menu to service and presentation. Kudos to your design team on the great work done with the interiors as well. It’s a huge step that you have taken to promote tea in a widely coffee loving community. Your efforts I’m sure will only continue to impress the tea lovers in Chennai. I definitely hope to come by the tearoom sometime in the future hopefully in time for one of your live events 🙂

      Thanks again
      Pardesi Trotter

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