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Tea time ritual

October 8, 2015
Tea time ritual

“The clock ticks 6. The first rays of a new day creep through the pale blue blinds. She looks down with a smile at her two boys asleep. To the kitchen, she walks saying a small prayer. Like a habit, she places a saucepan on the stove letting the familiar smell of tea waft through her home. It is her moment of peace as she sips on warm tea from her olive green tea mug.”

Tea time ritual

Tea making and tea drinking is something that certain people religiously do. Be it at the start of a day or to get you through the day. For me, to date, a cup of my mom’s milk tea is an instant pick me up. The sweetness is spot on and the same great taste every single time.

If I had a superpower for a day it would be to fly. Fly and have a brief view of tea time at different homes. Of course not like a creepy stalker đŸ˜€ I have heard somewhere that although houses may look the same, the view through the windows of each house is different.

Today’s 4 o’ clock tea is courtesy Ammama (N’s Mom). She drinks her morning and 4PM tea religiously. Today’s was accompanied by crisp and crunchy diamond cuts. The tea was a frothy milk brew infused with the never-can-go-wrong combination of ginger and cardamom.

Do you have a tea time ritual?
4pm tea courtesy ammama.

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