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Trotter tea notes : Be Cool – Kusmi Tea

August 30, 2018
Trotter tea notes : Be Cool - Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea: Be cool

Tea Description

With stress, busy days, and hectic lives, sometimes we need to take a break to find peace and serenity. Be Cool is a sweet blend of plants, liquorice and peppermint for moments of calm.

Ingredients: Apple (22%), rosehip seeds, verbena leaves, peppermint (18%), aniseed, liquorice root (9%)

Other Information

The tea is Theine* free

*Caffeine is sometimes called “theine” when it’s in tea. This is probably due to an ancient misconception that the active constituent is different.” 

Where to Purchase: Kusmi Tea

Suggested Brewing Tips

Water Temp:  95-100°C

Steep Time:  5-8 minutes

Perfect for Iced teas


Dry Leaf Scent: The dry tea leaves had the strong aroma of a mix of peppermint and the verbena leaves. I have no experience dealing with liquorice root and so find it challenging to differentiate the aroma of liquorice from other strong ingredients in a tea blend. The blend had a hint of a particular sweet aroma which I am associating to liquorice.

Trotter tea notes : Be Cool - Kusmi Tea

I tried two separate steep times with this blend. One at 5 minutes and the other at 7 minutes. Both yielding tea with minor differences in the strength of the tea but no overpowering taste whatsoever.

The colour of the liquor was yellow with a hint of green. The pieces of apple came to life when the water hits the teabag.

Trotter tea notes : Be Cool - Kusmi Tea

It’s one of those teas which would be perfect to sip on after tiring days spend outside in the heat. With the strong aroma of peppermint and verbena, I was expecting an overpowering taste of mint but this blend had me pleasantly surprised with the well-balanced flavour profile that it presented. The aftertaste is also really cooling and refreshing. No doubt here on the reason for the name choice for the blend. There was no hint of apple whatsoever probably because of the strong character of the other ingredients.

My husband loved this blend. A tea blend that for me brought back memories of a very cooling aloe vera gel face massage purely because of the way it made me feel after.

Disclaimer: This was a personal purchase. The review was not paid for. This is my honest opinion.

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