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Trotter Tea Notes: Organic green tea & Rama Tulsi

August 31, 2018
Trotter Tea Notes: Organic green tea & Rama Tulsi

Heath & Heather: Organic green tea & Rama Tulsi

Tea Description

Rama Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has been treasured in India for generations. The lightly spiced herbal undertones are perfectly balanced with this smooth and delicate organic green tea.

Organic Green Tea (70%), Organic Rama Tulsi [Holy Basil] (30%).

Other Information
 Contains Caffeine
 Gluten Free

Where to Purchase: Heath & Heather

I purchased mine from Holland & Barrett located in Mirdiff City Center, Dubai. If you reside in the U.A.E. you could visit their website to locate a store closest to you.

Suggested Brewing Tips

Allow freshly boiled water to cool for a few minutes before adding your Heath & Heather teabag, then simply infuse for 2-3 minutes before consuming.


The dry tea bag emitted a herbal, slightly medicinal aroma. I steeped the tea bag for 3 minutes and the color of the liquor was a yellow gold.

My mother is a firm believer of the healing and medicinal properties of Tulsi. The sound of the mortar and pestle lightly crushing freshly plucked tulsi leaves. The green combined with one or two other spices makes a quick but powerful medicine. The popular Ottamooli (in Malayalam) or Single Medicine Therapy. 

During my childhood, my mother would have to have a firm grip on me to be able to get me to gulp down the homemade concoction. But now years later I look back on those memories with an appreciation for homegrown herbs and simple homemade medicines based on traditional wisdom rooted in Ayurveda. 

The flavor is very soothing with a hint of sweetness. It is well balanced without the Tulsi masking the blend completely. There was no hint of bitterness.

I happened to have some chocolate on hand and it paired really well with the tea, The slightly medicinal flavor paired well with the sweetness of the chocolate. Definitely looking to try more interesting blends from this brand.

Disclaimer: This was a personal purchase. The review was not paid for. This is my honest opinion.

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