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Trotter tea notes: Rose Wisdom – Rituals

November 3, 2018
Trotter tea notes: Rose Wisdom - Rituals

 Rituals – Rose Wisdom

Tea description

Rose Wisdom. A warming herbal infusion with especially selected ingredients that support the Ayurvedic principal of harmony and balance in body, mind and soul. A relaxing tea blend of green tea with ginger and rose flowers. Enjoy the pleasure of our unusual mix of tea. It is a lightweight and balanced mixture of herbs to maintain your body’s balance, harmony and inner peace of recovery. After Chinese culture, the ginger is full of Yang’s energy, which heats and fills the body with positive energy. This natural tea is free of flavors and additives. Without caffeine. Ideal for drinking in the evening.

Ingredients : Lemon verbena, orange leaves, ginger, rosehips, licorice root, chamomile, natural flavor, rose blossoms.

Where to purchase: Rituals

Suggested Brewing Tips

Brewing time: 6 minutes

Water temperature: 100 ° C

Tasting notes

The packaging opened to the aroma of rose and bright lemon. I followed the suggested brewing instructions and steeped the tea for 6 minutes. The past week was extremely tiring and during the tasting my body was recovering from days of broken sleep. I closed my eyes and breathed in the fragrance of rose. The flavors that followed were a calming blend the ginger paired surprisingly well with the rose and was balanced out by the hints of citrus. Overall the tea had a mellow flavor profile which helped me take some time for myself to sit back and relax.

Trotter tea notes: Rose Wisdom - Rituals


Trotter tea notes: Rose Wisdom - Rituals

There were some stray tea leaves.

I tried an another take on the tea with a few drops of lemon and a hint of honey. This addition was also really nice with the flavor of ginger being toned down.

The one thing that I found confusing was that the website mentioned green tea as part of its ingredients but no mention of it was to be found anywhere on the packaging. Rose wisdom is a tisane.

Rituals store visit

I loved the packaging of the tea. Stemmed roses cover the package and it opens to a little surprise with the pop of gold which goes so well with the design of the print. The Rituals store is dedicated to self care through its carefully crafted collections of skin care, bath and body, and make up.  I first visited the outlet in BurJuman, Dubai in search of a gift set and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a variety of tea to go with their individual collections; Ayurveda, Dao, Hammam, and Happy Buddha.

Trotter tea notes: Rose Wisdom - Rituals

I first made an addition to my humble tea ware collection with the ritual tea bowls. I loved that it had to be cupped with both hands which for me adds to the intimacy of tea drinking.

Trotter tea notes: Rose Wisdom - Rituals


Concluding with the Rituals philosophy as mentioned on the website.

 ‘Turn daily routines into meaningful rituals.’

Disclaimer: This was a personal purchase. The review was not paid for. This is my honest opinion.

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