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Umi Tea Sets – Oolong tea

June 14, 2019

My arrival in the UK has been met with a number of pleasant surprises and packages. A beautiful little Purple clay Yixing teapot along with a wooden container of Oolong tea was what I received so kindly from Umi Tea Sets.

Umi Tea Sets – Oolong tea

Umi Tea Sets - Oolong tea

Teapot description

Material: Purple Clay

Dimension: Length 12 cm ; Height 7.4 cm

Origin: Yixing, Jiangsu, China

Umi Tea Sets - Oolong tea

Tea description

Name: Phoenix Dancong Tea

Origin: Guang Dong Province

Where to purchase: https://www.umiteasets.com/phoenix-dancong-tea.html

Tasting notes

I made sure that the Yixing teapot was rinsed well before use. Usually, I use a temperature control kettle to boil water for my tea. Due to some technical difficulties I had to use a conventional kettle this time. In order to monitor the temperature of the water used to steep the tea, I got the water to a boil and then waited for 3 minutes before pouring the freshly boiled water over the tea leaves.

First steep

Steep time: 20 seconds

Dry Aroma: A prominent grassy scent with a light floral undertone.

Liquor color: A clear light yellow.

Evolution of tea leaves: Softened leaves with a deep green color.

Wet leaf aroma: Strong smokey, grassy aroma

Tea notes:

The vegetal grass like flavor is uplifted by a fresh floral hint. The texture of the liquor is smooth and rich ending with a sweet note.

Umi Tea Sets - Oolong tea

Second steep

Steep time: 25 seconds

Liquor color: A pale less prominent shade of yellow.

Evolution of tea leaves: The leaves opened up a lot more with a faded shade of green.

Wet leaf aroma: A smoky aroma coats the grassy scent.

Tea notes:

The vapors that emerge from the teacup have a perfumed jasmine-like floral scent. The flavor of the tea has now evolved into a slightly creamy textured sweet floral tea with a noticeable lack of prominence of the vegetal flavor. There is no hint of bitterness.

Umi Tea Sets - Oolong tea

Third steep

Steep time: 35 seconds

Liquor color: Pale but deeper tone of yellow.

Evolution of tea leaves: The leaves have completely unfurled with a dull green color slightly browning at the edges.

Wet leaf aroma: A more balanced scent of grassy meets floral, much like the first steep.

Tea notes:

The flavor profile has a layer of depth with a light intensity of smokiness edging towards a bitter note but stops right before touching the border. The sweet floral notes are balanced with the grassy flavor standing out.

Umi Tea Sets - Oolong tea

Notes on the teapot:

The teapot has a very impressive filter with barely any remnants passing through. A strainer would be resourceful for smaller tea leaves. The design is practical with a good grip handle while the teapot cover lid needs to be handled with care. It is held by a braided brown fabric which tends to flip around when in motion.

The tasting was a very calming one. Thanks to Umi Tea Sets for this wonderful teapot and tea selection.



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