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Unexpected weekend finds.

July 11, 2015
Unexpected weekend finds.

My weekend started on a lovely note and some unexpected weekend finds. Fourth Maison Mathis at Dusit Thani was our pick. We walked into a classy restaurant  with an elegant interior, great service and the company of good friends.
Various samples of tea blends were displayed at the counter. My pick was a tropical green tea. The tea was served in glass tea ware. It was a calming sight watching the tea leaves unfurl and release its beautiful color and texture. The green tea blend was very soothing with subtle fruit notes to it.

Unexpected weekend finds.

Stepping outside on display was a samovar and all I could think of was “today is my day! “.


A samovar is a tea urn and has been in use for centuries for brewing tea and heating water. It is a feature of Russian and Persian hospitality and a prime element in their respective tea cultures.

Charcoal and live coals are placed in a fire-container inside the samovar. Around the fire-container, there is a space for water to boil. Many samovars have a ring-shaped attachment around the chimney to hold and heat a teapot filled with tea concentrate.

Each samovar is handmade and no two are alike. Nothing could match the experience of flying to another country, stepping into a local tea café where each wall whispers age-old stories and sipping on tea from a tea sommelier for whom making a traditional cup of tea has become something of second nature. A tea lover’s rambling and dream.


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