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Trotter tea notes: Spicy Chai

January 24, 2018
Vintage Teas - Spicy Chai

Today’s tea is from the brand Vintage teas. It was a pleasant surprise to have found it in my sister’s pantry. She’s normally well stocked with her black tea bags and green tea sachets. My niece and I had something new to taste while I listened to her chat away at our monthly aunt and niece meet-ups.

Vintage Teas – Spicy Chai

Tea Description

A warming blend of cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, star anise, and cloves.

Warms the spirit and soul with a spicy twist. A natural remedy.

Suggested brewing tips

Put 1 silken pyramid or one teaspoon loose leaf per person in a pot.

Pour boiling water and brew for 3-6 minutes

Tea Review

A silky pyramid tea bag of spices. The aroma of the chai blend was ‘spice warmth’ and a slightly smoky scent which reminded me of a stick of incense.

The transformation of the loose spices in the tea bag on steeping is lovely. The cardamom opens up with the pop of red from the star anise. The steeped tea leaves have an aroma which hits at home. The prominent fragrance that the kitchen is filled with when homemade spice mix is being ground by Mummy for curries and other dishes with a kick of spice. The fragrance brought back memories.

Vintage Teas - Spicy Chai

The color of the liquor is golden with orange hues. The flavor of the tea is mellow with a layer of sweetness from the star anise. It is not a ‘hot’ tea and by that, I mean the level of spice. My six-year-old niece was of the opinion that the tea was plain. She is a sugar person and her tea needs sugar of course.

It is like a warm, comforting everyday soup which you can sip on any day for no reason.

Disclaimer: The review was not paid for. This is my honest opinion.


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