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Virtual Green Tea Experience | Arigato Japan

February 28, 2021
Virtual Green Tea Experience | Arigato Japan

Arigato Japan

Arigato Japan Food Tours was Anne Kyles’s dream project. She envisioned travelers reveling in the unique cultural experiences of Japan. Anne is originally from the Philippines with a background in tourism. Having lived in Japan for over 20 years, she singlehandedly founded and led the first 300 of the Arigato tours from January 2016.  

Since then Arigato Japan has served over 26,000 guests showcasing various areas of cultural significance in Japan. 

Before 2020, the company offered tours ranging from cherry blossom experiences and walkthroughs of the nightlight and market life in Japan. Today the company has adapted to the changing climate and expanded its offering to include online experiences like the very interesting virtual tour of Mount Fuji. 

The Virtual Green Tea Experience

  • Host: Lauren Shannon (General Manager of Arigato Japan)
  • Focus: Green Tea
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Time zone: Japan Standard Time
  • Supplies needed: Green tea, teaware, hot water, paper, and pencil
  • Book your own virtual tea experience here.

Arigato Foods’ virtual tea experience focussed on green tea in an educational capacity. Through knowledge sharing of green tea Lauren creating a safe learning space.

Lauren kicked off the session with a round of introductions. We were a group of 11 from various parts of the world. Each of us had varying levels of understanding and knowledge of green tea. Ranging from novices to enthusiasts to experts. Lauren’s passion and her desire to share her knowledge of green tea made for an enriching experience.

The session started from the very source; Camellia Sinensis. We then moved onto different types of green tea. Green tea can be a tricky variety in the world of tea making. Lauren shared important tips to keep in mind when brewing green tea.

What I personally enjoyed the most from the session were the stories rooted in Japanese culture like the special Nori and green tea connection.

Green tea is known for its seaweed-like flavor profile. Lauren talked about how traders sell green tea and Nori (seaweed) alongside each other in Japan.

The pandemic has transformed our lives in more ways than one. Arigato Japan has made it possible for like-minded people irrespective of time zones to connect.

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