Trotter tea notes

Trotter tea notes: Whisky Flavoured Tea

March 14, 2017

 Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company – Whisky Flavoured Tea

Tea Description

 Water and barley from the glens are blended into the drink of Scotland.

A smooth, pure China leaf tea, marinated in a Scottish malt whisky flavor.

Ingredients: Tea, Whisky flavoring (2.8%)

Other Information

Where to Purchase: Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company

Suggested Brewing Tips

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon per 8oz serving

Steep Time:  3-5 minutes


I opened my pack of tea to the very prominent aroma of whiskey.

For the first steep, I let the tea leaves infuse for 5 minutes. The liquor had a reddish orangey hue to it. The tea was strong with the flavor of whiskey but had a subtle sweetness as well. I didn’t really enjoy the first steep mainly because I felt like the flavor wasn’t balanced.

I did a second steep with a steep time again of 5 minutes.

I actually enjoyed the blend much more with this steep. The slight unsettling flavor of the first steep had evened out. The strength of the tea had reduced but I favored this more.

Whisky Flavoured Tea – Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company


This tea was a gift from a good friend. He had just come back from a trip to Scotland. Alcohol and tea. Yes, there was the smirk. This looked really interesting. The first few times I had it over steeped. And it was really bitter. So do keep an eye on that timer.

Tea Body: Full

Tea Finish: Smooth

Tea Flavor: Malty with a slight sweetness

Side note: My tea infuser is from Ikea and clearly, we are having problems. As a result of which the tea leaves escape from the infuser.


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